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Why Moolan steam mop should be used for cleaning



Are you finding it difficult to clean each corner of of your house? Is the mop used for cleaning the floor heavy in weight and difficult to use? Does it leave dirt marks on the floor after washing? Now cleaning the home will not be a problem in future since Moolan have developed the high quality Moolan multi function steam mop after considering all the cleaning requirements of a home or other property. Some of the reasons why the cleaning person should use the Moolan steam mop for cleaning are discussed below.

 Moolan multi-function steam mop is designed for cleaning surfaces thoroughly removing all the dirt and grime. Unlike other sponge mops, the user will not have to deal with a bucket of dirty water. The steam generated will evaporate quickly, so the floor will not remain wet or dirty. The mop is using the latest steam mop technology, so it is steaming the floor to clean it. Since no chemicals are used in the steam mop for cleaning, and sanitizing, it is safe to use the mop, especially in homes with small children. It can be used for all hard sealed floor surfaces like tiles, wooden and laminate flooring, carpets.

There are many reasons why the mop is the ideal cleaning tool for both offices and homes. One of the reasons is that the mop rated at 1500 W will generate steam quickly, in between 15 to 30 seconds. The steam at a temperature of 100 degree centigrade sterilizes the surface by killing 99.9% of the germs and microbes, sanitizing the house to make it germ free. Depending on the surface being cleaned and dirt, it is possible to adjust the amount of steam generated. If light cleaning is required, the minimum setting is required, and if there is more dirt to be removed, maximum setting is recommended.

 Another advantage of the mop is that it is designed to reach and clean the hard to clean areas like the corners. The mop has a head which is triangular in shape and can be rotated through 180 degree centigrade to reach the area being cleaned. Hence it is ideal for cleaning the nooks, crannies of the house, the furniture legs, and other areas. To ensure that all kinds of surfaces can be cleaned, a large number of accessories like microfiber pads, copper brush, long brush, round brush, nozzle, measuring cup and extension hose are supplied. The microfiber pads are washable and can be reused.

 The steam mop has a built-in water tank of capacity 450 ml for convenient cleaning. When the water level in the tank will reduce, more noise will be produced when the mop is used, to alert the user, that the water tank has to be refilled. This loud sound is also a safety feature, to alert the user if they forget to switch off the mop. This ensures that the mop will last for a longer period of time. There is a snap-on glider which has to be attached while cleaning the carpets. The mop is designed so that it is easy to use, and allows the user to professionally clean the house or other area at a low cost.