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  • Can I use it for carpet?
    Yes, it great for cleaning laminate, carpet, marble, glass, tires, hardwood floor.
  • Can I clean walls and ceiling with the steam mop?
    You can use Brush Frame with colth to clean your walls and ceiling if the material of your walls and ceiling is ceramic tile.
  • Could I sneak some essential oils or vinegar with the water?
    Please don't add essential oils with the water,but you can add some vinegar with the water.
  • How many attachments included?
    1* microfilber pad,1* slip ring, 1* extension hose, 1* mop head screw, 1* straight nozzle, 1* meansuring cup, 1* funel, 1* rubber, 1*round brush, 1* copper brush, 1* angled nozzle, 1* long brush, 1* b
  • How long is the cable?
    The cable is about 5 meters.
  • Is there any instructions about removing limescale which states on the label attached to the handle?
    There are some instructions about how to remove the limescale: A.If the regular water contains many impurities, you can use distilled water. B.Use detergent and soft brush to clean up. Hope that can h