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Moolan 1300W Floor steamer
Moolan Steam Mop, Powerful Steam Cleaner 1300W Floor steamer for Hard Floor and Tile, Marble, Carpet, Laminate, Vinyl Floor, Kills 99.9% of Bacteria, Adjustable Constantly Steam, 180° rotation

Product Description

Powerful steam  mop with automatic hot steam

Important information you need to know:

Q: How to use it?

A: Just in 3 steps: fill the water tank, turn on the switch and adjust the steam you want, wait for 15-20s to generate steam.

Q: Can this be used in hard water areas?

A: Hard scale will affect the performance of the steam cleaner. We recommend that you add purified water and filtered water. Please make sure to use a descaler to clean the scale every week or 5 to 8 hours after use.NOTE: Can't add DETERGENTS!!!

Q: What kind of floor it can be used for?

A: The steam mop is suitable for all kinds of floors, such as tiles, carpets, hardwood floors, marble, laminate floors, etc.

Q: Does the steam mop need to keep pressing the button to generate steam?

A: This is automatic continuous steam. You just need to adjust the button from Min to Max.

Q: Can detergents or perfume be added to the water tank?

A: No, it will produce more scale. Both purified water and filtered water are fine! But you can add them to the mop cloth.

Q: Where do i get replacement pads?

A: This mop cloth is washable and you can buy it from Moolan store on Amazon.

Q: How length is the rope?

A: It is about 5 metres.

Q: How to contact the manufacturer?

A: The email is in the manual. The entire after-sales service team is by your side.