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ILAVIE 2LB Bread Machine with 25 in 1 Program,

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Enjoy the fresh heathy bread with your family& friends

ilavie bread machine, create a better life

Q:How to ensure the quality of the product?

A: ILAVIE Bread machine is made by the original factory. Quality products has perfect service. They provide the 24h after-sales email in the last page of the manual for solving all the customer problem.

Q: what is the difference of the ILAVIE bread machine and ordinary bread machine in the market?

A: The different is in the below:

1. ILAVIE bread machine has 25 programs, suitable for all requirements, including but not limited to BASIC BREAD、FRENCH BREAD、LOW SUGAR BREAD and WHOLE WHEAT BREAD, YOGURT、DOUGH、JAM、BAKE、ROAST NUT、MEAT FLOSS and CAKE.

2. Stainless steel material, easier to maintain and store, more fashionable.

3. A fully automatic bread machine with a variety of bread making recipes, suitable for everyone, including those who have no baking foundation.

Q: How to use this bread machine to successfully make delicious bread?

A: There are some tips you should know:

1. Yeast should not be mixed directly with water, sugar or salt. It's better to use bread maker yeast.

2. Milk and eggs cannot be used for the delay setting.

3. A good recipe is the key to making bread successfully. Pay attention to the proportion of various materials used.

Q: what's the bread container made of?

A: This bread machine use non-stick coated baking pan, Safer without chemicals and easy to clean.

Q: What are the functions of the bread machine?

A: You can select not only the kinds of bread you want to make, but also the color and size of bread, delayed time and nut dispenser. And there is also a 1 hour heat preservation function, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast after exercising.